Finca Potrero Largo

Finca Potrero Largo


It all began as an agriculture project in 2001 in El Jocotillo Valley, Villa Canales, Guatemala, by the Guatemalan entrepreneur and visionary Edgar Barillas Cabrera (1927-2012).

Today, the project is operated by Durantas, S.A. Company and remains a family business, retaining the original vision of producing high quality fresh tropical fruits, working in an ecologically friendly manner by maintaining the region’s nature and biodiversity.

Thanks to the climate of El Jocotillo Valley, it is possible to grow such diverse products, preserving their quality and producing them on a large scale.

The Durantas-Group preserves a long tradition and experience in the cultivation of: Golden Sweet Pineapple. Keitt Mango, and Pink Guava. These elements together with our experienced and hard working personnel makes us a very solid enterprise that achieves its aims day by day, thus providing our customers with high quality products that they demand and deserve.

We invite you to join us to keep writing our story and be a part of it. Let us delight you with our high quality products, which are not only tasty but also very nutritious.


Durantas S.A. is an agriculture company dedicated to providing high quality tropical fruits for local and international clients. Generating value thorugh most-up-do-date production practices, packaging, distribution and commercialisation, while conserving the nature and biodiversity of the region. Creating employment, and positively influencing the development and economy of the country. 


Being a gobal export leader, providing excellence in production and packaging from our region. Delivering superior products through solid organizational culture and innovative agriculture technology, to provide the utmost quality for our customers, and maintain the highest ethical conduct in all our business dealings.